Checking in with KatapultLabs

As many of you know, our STEM initiative, KatapultLabs, is taking off. Every Monday and Friday, we host MakeNights at The Libratory--designated time for the community to come and work on personal projects using our high-tech equipment. At MakeNight, you might encounter robotics team (In)Formal Logic working on custom parts for their award-winning robots. You will also see Katapult... Read more

Making Good Processes Better

At Katapult Engineering, two fast-paced industries intersect to create a unique training challenge. Software engineering requires great agility; our coders are growing our platform and tweaking the code each day, with big updates always on the horizon. Similarly, outside plant (OSP) engineering deals with accelerated timelines, rapid deployment, and a “time is money” mentality. Both industries…

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