Checking in with KatapultLabs

As many of you know, our STEM initiative, KatapultLabs, is taking off.

Every Monday and Friday, we host MakeNights at The Libratory–designated time for the community to come and work on personal projects using our high-tech equipment. At MakeNight, you might encounter robotics team (In)Formal Logic working on custom parts for their award-winning robots. You will also see Katapult employees, friends, and family, as well as local students tinkering with custom projects.

From 8am-5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, our MakerSpace is staffed with a Libratorian (Katapult Engineering employees QuaySam, and Andrew). These openings are designated for members only. You can become a Libratory member by signing up for our monthly STEM subscription box, MakeBox. If you’re not a fan of high-tech components and science projects, you can send your subscription to a family member or friend.

Wednesdays, we host our ever-growing GameNights, in which community members of all ages can gather to play tabletop games like PhotosynthesisNever AloneClank! Sunken Treasures, and many more.

At GameNight, our Game Gurus help facilitate a fun and healthy competitive spirit during “Table of Champions” and our “Prestige League.” The Game Gurus also take the time to teach new games to all who are interested. A few of our Gurus have written game reviews (AndrewJared, and Steve) if you are looking to try something new!

As this initiative continues to grow, we will host more and more special events and find new ways and support and challenge Makers throughout Central Pennsylvania with both our tools and our time.

If you want to learn more, check out or email me at

Or, better yet, come out to MakeNight and see all that the Libratory has to offer!

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