Accurate data collection in the field has consistently been one of the biggest challenges faced by communications engineers and other OSP professionals. Typical challenges include the safety risks of working in the power space, inaccurate and inefficient methods of data collection, and expensive field visits.

Katapult Engineering is a telecom pole engineering company that has been providing a wide range of services in the field since our founding as the Stine Consulting Corporation in 1991. Some examples of field services we offer include:

  • Streetlight surveys
  • Pole attachment surveys
  • SmartGrid surveys
  • Cell site surveys
  • DAS/small cell surveys
  • Capacitor surveys
  • MOLBAB surveys


Keeping your crew safe is a key consideration when performing any kind of utility work.  Katapult Engineering minimizes these risks by avoiding the power space entirely. Crews of one, two or more field technicians need only take a photo of the utility pole next to a fiberglass leveling rod to gather accurate height and condition information that can be further processed by our data professionals.

Our dedicated team of OSP field engineers regularly does work for utilities and other telecom engineering companies. We are available to provide fieldwork for your organization or consult on ways to improve the safety and efficiency of your in-house team. To learn more, speak with our OSP Field Manager today.


We strongly believe that the goal of field work is simple — to provide good data in a usable format. We employ photogrammetry for collecting pole height and other information. We provide you the information you need for:

  • Photo documentation — Bring the field into the office with Katapult Engineering. Our photogrammetry technique allows for multiple pieces of data to be stored into one unified format.
  • Mapping — Using aerial imagery, mapping takes the guesswork out of determining where poles are in relation to each other.
  • Online analysis — All collected data is delivered to the client online.  This makes it easy for the client to review and to remotely evaluate the pole conditions for make ready and pole loading assessment.
  • Make-Ready – Once data is processed and delivered, KatapultPro makes it easy to call Make-Ready for an entire job, quickly and easily, saving you time and money without a visit to the field.
  • Pole Loading Analysis – Data can be exported to the Pole Loading system of your choice.  Whether you use O-Calc, SPIDA or PoleForman, we can export to your system to do Pole Loading Analysis.  


Even if you choose not to contract out your data collection to us, you can still benefit from our software and processes. With our system, barriers to training new staff are low. Any technician who already knows how to operate a standard digital camera can be up and running quickly. As a result, your engineering team can be freed up to do more important technical work without worrying about the accuracy of measurements taken remotely. That’s something any OSP engineer who has ever spent a long, thankless afternoon in the field can appreciate.

Another advantage of using our system is that the amount of time required to collect utility pole or streetlight data is considerably less than with laser rangefinders and related technologies. As a result, your crew will cover more ground and get the job done faster, which means your budget goes further, too.

Finally, Pole loading analysis is no fun. The current standard for the  pole loading process takes too long in the field, fumbling around with extra gear and tools, and just feels awful to train a new guy. From start to finish KatapultPro makes it is easier, faster, and more affordable in the field. With KatapultPro, anybody can be successful and efficient in accurately and quickly collecting utility pole data for pole loading analysis. You don’t have to be an engineer! All you need to know is how to take pictures and use a tablet or a smartphone. That’s it. For more details on our field collection methods see The field staff can then hand off their data to office staff or return to the office to process the photos.  During this step the user will annotate and process pole heights, utility cable heights, and any power equipment like street lights, transformers, switches, cutouts, etc, anything that is on a pole, we can capture that info. KatapultPro has the capability to capture all the angles, hardware details, and attachment heights necessary for pole loading.

Once all the processing has been completed, you simply hit a button in KatapultPro and you will have a file export for pole loading software such as SpidaCalc, PoleForeman, or O-Calc.  Fully modeled poles brought into your software of choice! From there you can run whatever pole loading analysis you need to. All the data is there. No more looking at 3D models hours on end or messing around with pole profile sheets manually entering data for PLA. With KatapultPro you get to see and work with real photos of utility poles.


Katapult Engineering has been collecting utility pole height data using our photogrammetry since 2009. We are able to produce results while managing the many challenges associated with OSP fieldwork.

Make us your first call when you need a data collection company.