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Katapult Engineering — formerly Stine Consulting Corporation — has been a leading OSP engineering and consulting firm since 1991. Our work ranges from the the collection and verification of utility pole data by our field engineers, to the development of advanced software platforms for managing and annotating this information.

No matter the requirements of your project, we’ll leverage our capabilities and commitment to innovation to help you get the job done cheaper, faster and safer. Based in Dillsburg, we are a valued partner to PPL and other utility companies, as well as anyone else who needs to attach additional cabling to a utility pole.


Katapult Engineering is a full-service OSP and telecom engineering consulting firm that works with utility companies and third parties throughout Pennsylvania. Roughly speaking, our services can be divided into three categories, though most turnkey projects we complete draw from each as necessary:

  • KatapultWeb — Our suite of web-based tools and applications have been designed to simplify work and workflows for busy OSP engineers. From PhotoHeight.com, or our flagship utility pole data processor KatapultPro, to the frontend app we developed for submitting PPL pole relocation requests, our products save you time and money every step of the way.
  • KatapultField — In the field, we provide the boots on the ground necessary to collect data accurately and safely. Using our unique data collection methodology, our telecommunication field engineers can quickly turn around large projects, freeing your staff from the hassle of costly ride outs.
  • KatapultEngineering — Our engineering services turn the raw data collected by our team into actionable information. From smart grid surveys to mapping and make-ready, let our expertise help you meet your project goals.


Ultimately, our goal as telecom engineering consultants is to make you money. We do this by solving the workflow challenges that are affecting your productivity, reducing the need for rework due to inaccurate data, and helping you mitigate the risks associated with data collection in the field. Our products and services are reliable, defensible intuitive and affordable for OSP businesses of any size.


When it comes to growing our business, our focus has always been on having the right team, rather than the biggest team. We may not be the largest telecom engineering consulting firm, but we have invested in the training and technology necessary for our staff to work smarter and more efficiently. As a result, we can do more for you with a small team than other firms can with all their resources deployed. We also back up everything we do with exceptional customer service, and the flexibility to customize our offerings to better suit the needs of your project.

Want to learn more about our staff, or find out what we can do for your upcoming project? Contact the Katapult Engineering office in Dillsburg to schedule a consultation with one of our communications engineering consultants.