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Relative Expertise: Why It's Important

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So, your boss just asked you to start a twitter account.  Easy enough, you sign up and boom first tweet sent, piece of cake.  Now you are the Social Media Coordinator.  You begin tweeting and connecting to clients, and friends and co-workers networking your way through the noise of social media, and you wake up one day and you now can’t remember the password to your Tumblr because you have 9 other sites to monitor and two .coms to update just to make sure your clients don’t think you have died because you haven’t changed your home page in 7 days.

Let’s step back and take a breather.  Living systems ARE essential for every small business.  But having too many social outlets can just be too much to be effective.  Focus your efforts in an area where the majority of your market is.  Don’t have a twitter if none of your clients or customers do, if you can’t maintain it, don’t.  The internet is a living and growing organism that ebbs and flows as people figure out ways to use it more effectively.  It feels like we are starting to get the hang of this thing.  But, we still have a lot of work to do in order to be a part of the growth rather than just a consumer.  The internet is about connecting people to information, ideas, and experiences.  Right now there is a lot of noise and people on street corners yelling through their social media bullhorns, and not taking the time to listen to what people are really needing and wanting from the internet social media community.

So, before creating another account on some new social media outlet, take a hard look at your brand, your company, your core values.  You might find that you need to put all of the energy you put into having several fingers in several different pies and just doing one or two really well.  The only way to beat the big guys with their reach is with quality.  Quality still trumps quantity in any market.  Follow smart active bloggers with journalism and PR backgrounds who have made a significant change in our culture or language.  Use content wisely and follow trends.  And one more thing, don’t have the new guy who is paid the least run the company twitter account, you may find that they are better navigating these outlets, but don’t have enough product knowledge or company culture understanding to be aligned with the company enough to be the poster-child of the business.

In conclusion, the truth is; You are responsible for becoming the relative expert of social media for your business.  You don’t have to be the best or hire someone to do it for you, you just need to be the best in your company circle.  Don’t farm it out to someone who has no idea what it’s like on your company culture.  Read books, follow blogs, learn how to use the tools and engage the community yourself as the relative expert in your company.

(This goes for just about any other sector of your company, but I chose to use Social Media as the model in this instance)

Happy tweeting, posting, blogging, tubing, linking, tumbling, instagraming, facebooking…get my point?

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