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Revolutionizing Gigabit Speeds

After months of development, Katapult Engineering is excited to bring you the latest in the world of telecommunications.  We have always felt that our unique catapult based approach had a lot to offer, but before now has only seen limited adoption by the telecommunication community.

We’ve been making forays into combining Catapults and telecommunications for nearly a decade, beginning with Kataerials, our program to take up to date aerial photography of a site by launching a technician with a camera. This was extremely promising in early testing, managing to be quite competitive with renting high resolution satellite imagery, but eventually ran into difficulties with the Federal Aviation Administration.  Despite our insistence that a worker with a camera with no other means of lift or propulsion did not fall into their jurisdiction, they insisted.  As a small start up, we didn’t have the funds for a lengthy legal battle, and decided to instead see what other catapult solutions we could offer.

truck with katapult logo on side, and an actual catapult in the truck bed

It wasn’t long until we hit upon the solution.  In aerial construction a lot of time is wasted in bucket trucks, carefully raising and lowering the bucket so work can be done.  By replacing bucket trucks with our Kata-trucks, we were able to generate a surprisingly large amount of time savings by launching our employees onto the pole via our proprietary catapult truck attachment, where they then completed the installation.  We then increased the time savings by having our workers do something that is obvious in retrospect, but was quite innovative at the time.  They simply let go, and let gravity propel them back down to the truck!  While our sales of our Kata-trucks were quite limited, we did use them extensively internally to great success.

Unfortunately, rising costs due to increased competition over qualified personnel with Cirque du Soleil, and the inefficiencies caused by limited production runs forced us to abandon the project.

However, we learned a lot from it and are proud to announce Kattachment! Using the technology pioneered in our previous products, we’ve developed a low cost solution to connecting large areas with fiber optic telecommunication cables! Some of the most significant costs and obstacles to fiber installation are surveying the utility poles and dealing with make-ready on hundreds or thousands of poles.

We sidestep this issue by using a single, 500 ft pole for an entire area!  We scaled up the technology used on our Kata-trucks to allow quick attachments at any required height, and then deliver the fiber optic cable directly via catapult. Our 6 inch stainless steel spike attachment is guaranteed to successfully attach in a variety of surfaces, from common building materials like vinyl siding or brick, or even stone or hardened concrete!  Kattachment, by removing the complexity of traditional pole attachment, is only limited by how fast our catapult crews can reload.

photoshopped image of Dillsburg Pennsylvania with a giant telephone pole connected to everybody

But don’t take our word for it, here are some testimonials from customers of our pilot Kattachment pole in Ephemeral Valley, Pennsylvania.

Abby Normal, local resident: At first, I was very hesitant about switching. I just didn’t want to go through a lot of hassle, ya’know?  But I just called them up, and twenty minutes later I had brand new fiber optic sticking out of the side of my house!

Hugh Mann, local business owner: Time is money, and at my business that means we gotta go fast!  When our old internet went out, I didn’t have time to wait for a repairman, I just called Kattachment, and BAM! New internet.  That’s the sound it made too. BAM!

Joe King, local community leader: I feel Kattachment has really brought our community together.  Anywhere in town, I can look up and see hundreds of cables above us, connecting us all in one big fiber optic family.  In some places, you can barely see the sky!

So call today, and Kattachment will be headed right to your living room!

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