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Katapult Pro Update: Now in Metric!

Katapult Pro is now compatible with the metric system! “What’s the big deal” you might ask. Well, since nearly every country in the world has adopted the metric system as their measurement standard (leaving just the United States, Liberia, and Myanmar),  we can now offer Katapult Pro to anyone in any country. We were long overdue to join the powers-of-ten party!

displaying the ability to use metric units within KatapultPro

While using Katapult Pro, you can find the toggle to switch units in the Settings menu.

annotated height shot of poles within KatapultPro

Support for metric units was long overdue! You can still use US customary units in Katapult Pro, but working with centimeters and meters is as simple as changing a setting.  Because the conversion is done on the fly, any job can be collected, processed, and viewed in either measurement system.  Collect and process your job in feet/inches, deliver in meters (or vice versa).

Want to expand your international customer base?  Take Katapult Pro for a spin today!

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