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Inaugural Rocket Competition

Katapult Libratory trophies for their inaugural rocket competition

The KatapultLabs Libratory held its inaugural event this weekend, inviting the community to come discover the fun of small scale glider design and construction–with a competitive edge. Competitors were provided with tools and supplies, and were encouraged to use their creativity to build rocket gliders to fly in the challenge course installed in the Libratory.  

As the doors opened at 9AM on the 3rd of June, teams of competitors of all ages approached their workstations, ready to build, tweak, and test their rocket designs in their quest to create the ultimate flyer.

Preparing to launch some of the rockets

The teams and individual competitors completed a range of objectives including: destroying our Death Star, parachutist drops, vertical landings, and payload delivery. They crafted their rocket gliders, tailoring each one for their current objective, then tweaked and re-tweaked their creations until they accomplished their goal or lucked into another one; learning the flight characteristics of their gliders and the effects of their modifications with each attempt.

A katapult employee helping teams build their rockets

The teams and individual competitors flew hundreds of flights until the last flights completed at 1:30PM.

launching rockets at KatapultLabs rocket competition

Winners received trophies and their choice of a number of prizes, including rocket launchers of their own, t-shirts, and gift cards.

katpault t-shirts and two KatapultLabs MakeBoxes

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launching rockets at KatapultLabs rocket competition
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