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From Profile Sheets to Pole Loading

comparing a pole sheet and a pole loading platform, PoleForeman

When it comes to software development, it seems as though each week brings new problems that demand creative solutions.

Week in and week out, we collect and process hundreds of poles using our highly efficient Katapult method, so we sometimes forget that a major portion of data collection still takes place with Hasting’s sticks and profile sheets. Using this method, highly skilled OSP engineers are capable of calling make ready from the field. However, there is still an important process that cannot be done from the field: pole loading analysis.

Pole loading software is crucial because it quickly calculates all of the forces acting on a pole and determines whether or not the proposed (or current) load is safe.

Since this cannot be done in the field, there are stacks and stacks of profile sheets that are sitting on desks across the country, just waiting to be built in various pole loading platforms.

an annotated paper pole profile, detailing all of it's heights and measurements

This is where our team can help. By converting these profile sheets into our software, we can quickly export the data into the pole loading software of your choice.

a pole profile sheets, with Katapult Pro height annotations overlayed

By combining the data collected in the field and KatapultPro’s built in geo-mapping, all of the necessary pole loading data is now in one convenient location. Plus, all the data now exists in cloud storage for simple and secure access.

Katapult Pro's geo-mapper with pole lines overlayed

Once the profile sheets have been converted into our software, it’s as easy as downloading the package and uploading into your pole loading software, such as PoleForeman, SPIDA Calc, and O-Calc.

Katapult Pro's interface for exporting into various pole loading platforms
PoleForeman interface with a pole loaded into it

If you have a large volume of poles that need pole loading, our team will find a way to get them into pole loading analysis quickly and correctly!

Want a demo? Contact Isaac at itucker@katapultengineering.com!

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