Our services are completely customizable to meet the requirements of your project. Broadly speaking, they can be divided into three separate categories. Most custom packages we put together for our clients contain elements of multiple service categories:

  • Katapult Web Services — We provide various web-based tools that make an OSP engineer’s job easier. Our web-based services include applications for measuring utility pole heights, submitting online applications for PennDOT PPL pole relocation projects and Joint Use attachment agreements. We have built a powerful suite, of online tools designed for OSP engineers that save time and simplify workflows.  Visit for more information.
  • Katapult Field Services — We are the boots on the ground.  Our team of trained and experienced field engineers can collect utility pole height measurements and other data in a way that is clear, concise and accurate. If you need to get a pole survey done on a tight timeline, we can help.  Contact our field services team.
  • Katapult Engineering Services — Our OSP engineers are available to assist you with any upcoming project. Let our expertise and experience in utility pole height measurement and other services help you gather and process the data you need. Find out more about what our engineering services include by contacting Katapult Engineering today.



Katapult Engineering provides customized engineering solutions for the utility and telecom sectors. We help companies solve the problems associated with collecting, storing and accessing utility cable height measurement information, bridging the gap between field technicians and OSP engineers. By leveraging GIS technology and web-based data platforms, we help our clients obtain more accurate utility pole height measurements while making more effective use of their staff and other resources.  We provide Make-Ready Engineering Services, Pole Loading Analysis, and can create custom exports from KatapultPro to your Pole Loading platform of your choice.


Some examples of the turnkey utility pole engineering services we offer our clients, and the service categories they draw from, include:

  • Managing third party attachments : PPL Pole Attachment Services is a dedicated front end portal built for PPL to manage third party attachments from start to finish. Applicants sign up online, select the poles they need permission to build on, a field team collects the pole data, and the office team processes and delivers the data online for PPL to make decisions based on the field data.
  • PennDOT PPL pole relocation : Our front end built for the PennDOT group at PPL allows them to easily choose poles from the database to be assigned for data collection from our field team.  The data then gets processed and delivered to them for relocation.
  • OSP fiber engineering: Katapult is a comprehensive solution for planning, mapping, permitting and data collection for your OSP project.

Let our team put together a custom package the meets the unique requirements of your project. Find out what Katapult Engineering can do for you by calling our office to a request consultation today.