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Here at Katapult Engineering, we use service work to help us stay on the cutting edge of the industry. Without regular service work, Katapult Pro would be unable to grow and scale with the ever-changing needs of OSP engineering. By maintaining a regional presence for field and engineering services, we can better serve the industry through our innovative software offerings.

The Katapult method of data collection is simple, safe, and produces better data than popular alternatives. The workflow is designed to keep your most valuable, experienced staff in the office, and use field services as a testing ground and learning environment for team members just entering the OSP industry. Everyone on our team (from our coders to our COO) has spent time in the field collecting valuable data for make ready engineering and pole loading analysis.

Our Field Technicians and Project Managers regularly deploy to collect field data for:

  • Pole loading analysis

  • Make ready engineering

  • Audits

  • FCC-compliant pole attachment permitting

  • Smart grid surveys

  • And much more!


Keeping your crew safe is our number one priority. The Katapult method of data collection minimizes risks by avoiding the power space entirely. Crews use a 17′ fiberglass leveling rod to document existing conditions while staying away from energized elements on the pole. Back in the office, our software uses a photogrammetric algorithm to correct distortion in the photos and allows users to measure heights with utter precision.

Since we’ve worked for both utilities and third parties, our team has a comprehensive understanding of the attachment process from beginning to end. This insight helps us develop workflows that are engineered to get all necessary data as efficiently as possible. Paired with Katapult Pro, two-person field crews can collect over 100 poles a day — on even the toughest of scopes. To learn more, contact us below.

a scenic picture of telephone poles


Our workflow is a total paradigm shift. Traditionally, the fastest way to collect OSP engineering data is to send an experienced engineer out in the field with a hot stick and a stack of profile sheets. Field engineers with this skill set are hard to come by, and the long days away from family take a serious toll.

Our system flips the problem on its head. With Katapult Pro, barriers to training new staff are low. With camera and smartphone skills becoming ubiquitous, you can hire motivated workers that you trust, and have them deliver valuable data their first day in the field. As a result, your engineering team can spend less time behind a windshield and more time analyzing poles and calling make ready. Further, Katapult Pro simplifies the engineering side so teams with little experience can submit a superior deliverable with minimal training. Now, your team can scale to any size project while maintaining a superior deliverable.

We believe that the goal of field work is simple — to provide defensible data in a usable format. We employ photogrammetry to collect attachment heights and use non-calibrated photos to document tags, pole class, inspection dates and more. The Katapult method provides all the information you need for your end deliverable:

  • Photo Documentation — Bring the current field conditions back to the office. Katapult Pro automatically associates all photos taken to the correct location. These photos will be stored directly beneath other important data (pole tags, height/class/species, make ready notes) and beside your design. With all your data in one location and format, it’s easier to present your defensible data.

  • Mapping — Using aerial imagery, mapping takes the guesswork out of determining where poles are in relation to each other and how they are connected.

  • Online Analysis — All collected data is delivered to the client online.  This makes it easy for the client to review and to remotely evaluate the pole conditions for make ready and pole loading analysis.

  • Make Ready – Once your team has annotated your photos, Katapult Pro can automatically flag all violations to existing and proposed conditions. Calling make ready is easy as a click and a drag, and users can then export all MR notes for a job with just a click. Your design will also update as you make MR calls, providing your client with a heat map of expensive portions of their application.

  • Pole Loading Analysis – Data can be exported to the Pole Loading system of your choice.  Whether you use O-Calc, SPIDA or PoleForman, we can export your data straight into these platforms, saving your team countless hours of modeling.


Our team loves a challenge, and we love working with teams that are fed up with the status quo. Call us today if you want to take your first steps towards the future of OSP engineering.