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Maintaining accuracy while meeting the logistical challenges of a major utility pole data collection project is no easy task. OSP engineers rely on accurate data to make critical decisions about their project, whether they’re adding a single attachment to an existing utility pole or planning major infrastructure upgrades.

At Katapult Engineering, we do the hard work so you don’t have to. Our utility pole data collection services have been trusted by engineers for more than 20 years. Our field engineers are available for projects of any size — let us help you manage risk, improve accuracy and ultimately turn around your project faster and for less.


Katapult Engineering uses a unique documentation process to facilitate data collection in the field with just a single photograph. Developed by Katapult engineers who sensed the need for safer, more accurate and easier-to-implement utility pole data collection techniques, the process only takes a few minutes. Because it’s as easy as taking a photograph, it can be performed by only one technician.

For your upcoming project, count on Katapult for all your data collection needs. Here’s why our method works so well:

  • Crews don’t have to enter the power space to collect data, saving you from potential liability and increasing project turnaround times.
  • Engineers don’t have to be present to oversee data collection. Through KatapultPro, our web-based data analysis portal, engineers can perform a virtual ride out that saves them time and money.
  • Support staff aren’t stretched thin trying to manage multiple collection and analysis responsibilities. This frees us key team members to work on more important or bigger-picture projects.


Katapult Engineering has the flexibility to tailor our utility pole data collection services to meet the specific demands of any project. One call to our office is all it takes — some potential applications of our field services include:

  • Collecting any information related to utility pole cable and attachment height
  • Verifying geolocation data and pole tag identification
  • Measuring pole distance from roads and confirming pole condition
  • Perform utility surveys such as:  capacitor, smart grid,  and MOLBAB
  • DAS/small cell, and cellular network surveys

Collected data can be uploaded to KatapultPro and viewed immediately by your staff. From there, you can access a powerful suite of web-based analytical tools that allow you to extrapolate additional data, annotate photos and more.


No matter what the requirements of your project, Katapult Engineering can help. We have the team to turn around any project faster, and we back up everything we do with knowledgeable service from our team of in-house OSP engineers and experts. To learn more about our utility pole data collection services, telecom aerial data software or other products/services, contact our head office today.