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Katapult Engineering, as a utility pole engineering company, specializes in high-volume utility pole audits and surveys conducted across wide geographic distances.  From joint use management to asset inventory, whatever the requirements of your project, we can put the boots on the ground to turn it around faster. We’ve invested in the processes, software, and technology to simplify utility pole auditing across large areas, saving you time, increasing safety and eliminating the need for trained engineers to be present during the data collection and documentation processes. Read on to learn more, or contact our office directly to discuss your field requirements for any upcoming pole audit or survey.


Managing the installation and administration of joint use attachments on utility poles doesn’t have to be a headache. Katapult Engineering’s utility survey services can make it easy:

  • Improve the accuracy of data collection in the field, making sure all parties have the information necessary to add attachments and make other decisions as necessary
  • Increase the safety of workers in the field, reducing your liability and speeding up project delivery times
  • Identify code violations further reducing liability
  • Streamline communication between utility companies and third party attachers
  • Verify attachment counts of third party communication attachments, preventing both lost-revenue and overbilling, helping to simplify accounting


Critical to achieving each of the above goals is our exclusive pole survey and auditing process. Using custom built software and equipment designed to simplify and speed up large-scale data collection, this straightforward process involves just two simple steps:

First, Field technicians, working alone or in teams of two or more, are dispatched to utility pole sites where they take a high resolution digital picture of the pole next to a height stick. With our software, this allows them to measure attachment heights and confirm attachments and pole conditions without having to enter the power space, keeping liability to a minimum, while also keeping collection quick and efficient.

These photos are then processed using Katapult built programs like KatapultPro, our cloud-based application for extrapolating data, making annotations and sharing information with other stakeholders. This data is presented on a geographic basis, and is easily exportable in a number of pole-loading software formats, including Spida-Calc, O-Calc, and PoleForeman.

Our method is simple, effective, and based on more than 20 years of experience as a utility pole survey company. Depending on your project’s requirements, we can handle everything from data collection to analysis, pole loading, and permit tracking, or simply present you with the information your engineers need to handle the work on their own. Either way, you save time, save money, and free up important staff to work on more technical projects.


From performing joint use NJUN ticket audits, exporting data into SPANS or any other smart grid or field survey services, contact Katapult Engineering first. We have the team and the technology to make accurate data collection and processing safe, simple and affordable. Add to that the incredible versatility of our field tested pole attachment system and data collection services, and it’s clear why we have been a leader in Pennsylvania’s OSP industry since 1991.

Let us put together a custom utility pole surveying or auditing package that meets your project’s requirements.

Call or email our Dillsburg head office for assistance today.