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Smart Grid



Our smart grid data collection services are designed to fulfill several key needs for utilities. We can help you by:

  • Determining whether or not enough space exists to attach additional equipment to a utility pole

  • Assessing the remaining strength of a utility pole to determine whether it can support additional smart grid equipment

  • Verifying pole tag identification and utility pole condition

  • Performing a smart grid cellular signal strength audit

Ultimately, the needs of your project will determine the specific services we provide. Katapult Engineering is a full-service firm. We can do the field work necessary to collect accurate data and provide additional consulting services for all your smart grid implementation needs.

a scenic picture of telephone poles in a line
a picture of a power grid with large telephone poles


Our field team uses Katapult Engineering’s unique OSP data collection methodology to quickly collect accurate utility pole information. With it, we can gather the information you need to know to upgrade, replace or install new smart grid attachments on any utility pole. Compared to traditional methods of surveying and data collection, our process is:

  • Safer – it keeps field engineers out of a utility pole’s power space

  • Faster – it only requires a single photograph to extrapolate excellent data

  • Cheaper – it can be performed by one or two technicians in the field, instead of a large team

  • Efficient – project engineers and other skilled staff don’t have to be present on rideouts to ensure the right data is collected


Utility poles have been a key component of Pennsylvania’s electricity and communications infrastructure for more than a century. As new technology is introduced and increasingly more demands are placed on these structures, more data is required to plan and implement smart grid projects.

That’s where Katapult Engineering comes in. We have the team and the technology to collect and deliver all necessary data to determine where equipment should be placed out in the field.  Bring the field into the office and make decisions from good data in a better environment.  Conveniently located in Dillsburg, PA, we provide complete smart grid field services for OSP clients throughout PA. Contact us to learn more.