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New Attachments Portal




Applying for a PPL pole attachment permit used to be a long, frustrating process. Thanks to Katapult Engineering, it’s now easy, user-friendly and paperless. Our team was contracted by PPL to design the new front end web-based portal for all pole attachment applications.

With this convenient online application portal, getting the documents and data you need prepared is easy. Submitting online has made everything simple for the applicant. No longer are the days of delays due to incomplete paperwork, field visits, or old data.

Katapult’s PPL pole attachment service interface
a picture of a telephone pole


Submitting a PPL pole application is easy:

  • Create an account: The first step in submitting a PPL pole application is to create an account. Accounts can be created by any company or organization seeking attachment approval. If you do not already have an agreement with PPL, you will need to click on the link to Pursue an Attachment Agreement and fill out the necessary documents. If you already have an agreement, your organization will be in the drop down menu. Select the name of your company and proceed to the next step. If you are representing another company, please make sure they have an attachment agreement in place. An email will be sent to you for verification; once your email address has been verified you will be ready to login into the system using the email and password you provided.

  • Create a new application: In order to create a new application, click on the Create New Application button, fill in the name of the attaching company and the job name. Then, begin filling out the tag numbers of poles you are applying for.

  • Submitting your application: After you have entered data for all of the PPL attached poles in your project, resolved any Yellow Flags and attached all relevant documents (such as maps and guying information), click the Submit Application button at the bottom of the page.


Utility poles are divided into two sections: the power space and the communications space. The power space contains electrical cables and is generally inaccessible to third parties. The communications space contains attachments for telephone, cable TV and fiber optic services. By submitting a third party attachment application, companies can petition to use the communications space for lighting, cables, banners or other attachments.

A successful utility pole attachment application must demonstrate that the proposed addition to the communications space will meet the following requirements:

  • Guying: Guying refers to the lateral tension placed on a pole when a new attachment is added. A guying plan must demonstrate that your proposed attachment won’t overly stress the pole.

  • Make ready: Make ready involves the sum total of all costs and processes involved in the project. This must consider whether or not existing attachments will have to be moved or the existing pole replaced to support your attachment.

  • NESC/PPL clearance: The NESC (National Electric Safety Code) has defined a national standard for attaching to utility poles. Any addition to a utility pole will be subject to clearance requirements in relation to other attachments as well as ground clearance over roads, driveways, bridges, etc. A condensed, PPL-specific version of these guidelines can be found here: PPL NESC Guidelines


Katapult Engineering manages the pole attachment portal for PPL third party pole attachments which bridges the gap between utilities and applicants.  Our PPL pole attachment specialists are available to provide PPL attachment application help and PPL pole attachment support to anyone looking to submit a third party attachment application or CLEC pole attachment.  Additionally, we are continually striving to make the pole attachment front end even more helpful for utility pole attachment engineers and anyone working on utility pole attachment services.  The powerful, shareable online package provided after the field survey for every third party attachment application helps keeps utilities, applicants, and other involved parties on the same page to ensure that pole attachment make ready services are completed quickly and economically.  To use the PPL pole attachment front end portal, visit https://katapultwebservices.com/ppl/poleattachmentservices/.

Utilities interested in the benefits of an online pole attachment system or online interface for any utility services can view our portfolio or contact us for a chat.