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OSP design, Collection and make ready
all in one platform.

Full-stack aerial OSP solution with custom exports
for permitting, pole loading analysis, and more!


Unparalleled Accuracy

We put our distortion-correcting algorithm to the test to find out just how accurate our software is. 

Our Average Absolute Height Accuracy is 99.5%, and our Average Relative Height Accuracy is 99.0%.  If you’re measuring a 50’ pole and are trying to find the pole top’s height, the value you measure is accurate to within 3” This also means if you are doing make ready clearances and you need to measure clearances of 40” or more, your relative heights (the differences between attachment heights) are accurate to the nearest ¼”


Simple and Efficient Make Ready Engineering

Make Ready View allows you to set custom MR rules and flag violations that can be quickly  fixed by your office staff

Click and drag flagged heights until they turn yellow to generate automatic MR calls. With map indicators for poles that require make ready, you can quickly scan your design for trouble spots and estimate make ready costs!


Download pole data straight to the
pole loading software of your choice!


Custom Exports For Every Scope

Katapult Pro exports cleanly into custom spreadsheets, pole loading analysis software, and more!

Clean exports automate tedious steps of your workflow, saving your team countless hours each week. With Katapult Pro, your team can pole load high volumes with ease!


Utility Pole Data Collection Has Never Been Easier.

We've spent years revolutionizing aerial
data collection, and our innovative
solutions are geared towards teams of
all sizes. Contact us today for a demo!